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NLP  & The 4R’s Healing System

In the 4R’s Healing System you will find the 4 step process of  Release~Reframe~Retrain~Restore for personal life change.  It incorporates powerful NLP Neurolinguistics Therapy techniques with modern neuroscience or  “Neuro-plastic Healing” making it a unique healing method, unlike any other! 

Healing Change Begins By Our Brain “Unlearning” 

The groundbreaking work by Dr Norman Doidge, MD  in his book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” introduced the terms neuroplasticity and neuro-plastic healing to the public. It is the discovery of the brain’s flexibility and it’s ability to easily change it’s own structure and function in response to an activity or  mental exercise like the techniques used in NLP Neurolinguistics therapy. He showed how “Neuro-plastic Healing” methods can work to heal people where traditional medicine methods had failed. 

Dr Doidge’s discovery that  our brain’s can easily “unlearn” old patterns (behaviors and habits including pain patterns) by  simply reversing the 4 stages  the brain uses to form habits. This releases  old “stuck” patterns paving a way to greater healing and being able to successfully make personal life (habit) changes, where other methods of personal change might have failed in the past.   

The 4R’s Healing System integrates powerful NLP Neurolinguistic techniques with modern Neuroplasticity or “Neuro-plastic healing” for a unique healing system, unlike any other!

An Amazing Breakthrough In  Personal Change and Wellness Concepts

The 4R’s Healing System is a unique method utilizing 4 simple NLP  “Neuro-plastic-healing” techniques that anyone can easily learn.

The 4R’s Healing System  simply “reverses” the 4 stages that our brain uses to create a behavior pattern or habit (like an addiction to cigarettes, junk food cravings, insomnia, anxiety, even chronic pain patterns that may be “stuck” in the brain’s pain messaging center),   by reversing these 4 steps it releases old “stuck” patterns or habits that you have been unable to let go of when using other therapy treatments in the past.  


NLP is NOT Hypnosis. No trance state is required for The 4 R’s Healing System to be effective!

The power of your mind to control your body  

Learning the NLP Neurolinguistics techniques in the 4 R’s Healing System is similar to using professional Biofeedback therapy found in most medical centers. NLP like Biofeedback teaches you how to use the power of your mind to control body  functions. 

Biofeedback is a machine with sensors that attaches to your body. The feedback teaches you to change or control your body’s reactions to things by changing your thoughts, emotions or behavior, for instance biofeedback can pinpoint tense muscles that are causing headaches and then you make deliberate physical changes in your body such as relaxing the muscles to reduce stress or pain.

With NLP, you can learn to control the functions of your body, relax muscles, lower your  blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety,  eliminate pain sensations and it can even be used to stop cigarette cravings, junk food eating and insomnia.  

NLP~ The 4R’s Healing System For Pain Relief

This is modern pain management! The 4 R’s of “Releasing”  the out-dated pain messages  being sent to the brain thus breaking the chronic pain cycle. “Reframing” a method used in Psychology, changes  your perception of  pain thus changing how you experience it! “Retraining” paves new neuropathways learning how to control pain. “Restore”  take back your life from the grip of chronic pain, restore wellness and start living a life free of pain.  

NLP ~ The 4R’s Healing System To Stop Smoking

Discover the new modern NLP  Neuroscience of how the brain can “unlearn” habits to help you quit cigarette smoking!  The 4 R’s System “releases” old stuck habits using NLP  it  “reprograms”  your brain to stop any smoking habits and thinking about cigarettes.  It uses “reframing” to change your perceptions or how you “think” about  cigarettes and why you smoke removing any urge or desire to smoke. It “retrains” the brain  using neuro-plastic healing methods to “act, feel and think like a non-smoker… as if you have always been a non-smoker” so you can live happily without cigarettes!  It “restores” your health and wellness with suggestions for relaxation and stress control, weight control, peaceful sleep and  to boost your immune system. 

When you use these powerful NLP techniques to release the old “stuck” pattern of  cigarette smoking  there is no urge or desire to smoke, there are no cravings. Most people just simply quit!  Learn More 

NLP~ The 4 R’s Healing System For Weight Loss

The Mind-Body weight Loss System is the last weight loss program you will ever need!  It is unique by including a Holistic Diet Food Plan along with The 4 R’s System for changing eating habits.  It utilizes the 4 R’s to “release” unhealthy eating habits, junk food cravings  and emotional stress eating.  It “reframes”  old stuck childhood perceptions  about food, eliminating stress and emotional eating.  It “retrains” the mind-body for  new healthy eating habits.  It “restores” a thinner healthier body! LEARN MORE

The Ultimate Goal 

The ultimate goal of all my programs,  whether it is a pain relief eBook or a personal ZOOM therapy session with me, is to empower you to take back control of your life, to learn how to use these mind body techniques at home on your own to  make the positive life changes you seek so you an control chronic pain and promote wellness.

Take The 30 Day Challenge!  

For those of you on the verge of giving up hope of  making the changes you want to make whether that is to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety or finding effective pain relief – Try the 4 R’s Healing System! 

Please email me  Contact  for a FREE CONSULTATION to see if my  eBooks or ZOOM online therapy programs can help you. 

ZOOM Online Therapy Sessions 

The phenomenal technology of ZOOM Online means you have access to customized therapy sessions with me! Prior To Covid-19 shutdowns clients went to  a physical office for therapy sessions. Now with ZOOM technology, clients can live 200 miles  or more away and be able to visit the therapist of their choice, that fits their needs the best  to get the most successful effective therapy outcome. 

 Unfamiliar with ZOOM- It is easy to set up and learn to use. I will give you a step-by-step guide to  walk you through the  set up and use of ZOOM!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use and will probably find yourself using  ZOOM to talk with family and friends as much as you would use “facetime” phone calls!  Zoom is downloadable to your computer, tablet and mobile phone.  

Contact me today for a private customized NLP therapy session utilizing The 4R’s Healing System!   

I can help you! Try my healing program for 30 days. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results! 

For ZOOM Therapy Programs in pain relief, stop smoking, weight loss, stress and anxiety, insomnia and goal achievement  


Medical Disclaimer:

The Ebook or Recordable Therapy Scripts are not meant to  be a diagnosis or to replace your traditional medical care. They are simply a self-care tool to use that can help you manage pain and symptoms. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your health regimen.
*Important Note-  Never use a selfcare pain relief program for chest, cardiac or abdominal pain. These are serious conditions that need medical attention. Any increase in pain or unexpected pain is a warning sign that you need medical attention and should be reported to your doctor. Remember pain is your body’s warning signal or alarm system that something is not functioning correctly. Any new pain needs to be checked by your doctomodern 

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