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ABOUT US~ NEW Online Therapy Sessions Available via ZOOM!  
An exciting new development at Reframing Pain. You can get the benefits of working directly with me and learning my 4R’s Healing System in a private therapy session customized to your specific needs.  The ZOOM technology brings you specialized care that you might not otherwise be able to access. Enjoy a variety of wellness programs with me utilizing ZOOM (live meetings) in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It’s safe, effective and very affordable! 

NOTE: if you are unfamiliar with ZOOM,  it is very easy to learn and set up, no more difficult than using “facetime” on your mobile phone. I will help help you set it up! 

Contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION to determine if an Online therapy session can help you!

Real Solutions For People Who Live And Deal With Chronic Pain

Whether it is my online therapy sessions or one of my eBooks; the Reframing Pain Programs offer real solutions for people dealing with chronic pain. The opiate crisis has created many challenges for people suffering with chronic pain conditions. Some people have had their pain medications drastically reduced or even taken away completely, leaving them to deal with severe pain on a daily basis.

Self-Care Pain Management

Modern pain management programs have changed greatly in the past two years to adapt to the new opiate protocols. They now focus  on helping patients become Opiate-free and more self-sufficient by offering them Selfcare programs in mind-body therapies like NLP and recorded meditations for pain relief  that the patient can do on their own. 

A Proven Method

In 2017, The University of Utah published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine their research conclusion stating: “after participating in a single 15 minute session of mind body medicine therapies patients reported an immediate decrease in pain levels similar to what one may expect from taking a painkiller”. (resource: pain pathways publication)

There’s Life Beyond Pain ~ is now an Online Therapy Program via ZOOM! 

This program is specifically “Do-It-Yourself” designed to help put you in charge of managing your own pain levels.  The DIY aspect  empowers you to create your own customized individual pain relief program to fit your specific needs. Following the program, listening to the NLP therapy recordings puts you back in control of pain. 

My Online program includes:

  • Free consultation via ZOOM to discuss the specifics of your pain symptoms, how I can help you,  how the program works.
  • The 50 page  workbook (eBook pDF format)  There’s Life Beyond Pain
  • 1- Pain relief recordable meditation script included in the workbook you can record onto your phone.
  • 1- 40 minute NLP therapy session  via ZOOM  using The 4R’s Healing System for pain relief that you can record on your mobile phone! 

Self-Empowering Programs

You will find that learning  and practicing the NLP pain anesthesia techniques whenever you need them is very self-empowering. You will begin to notice a mental shift occur in how you act, feel and think from being in pain mode into pain relief mode.

Build Self Confidence 

Research has proven that when pain patients combine traditional medical care from their doctors with natural mind-body therapies like my NLP Programs they gain self-confidence in their ability to manage pain levels, they become more active and function better in their daily lives but most of all they have better quality of life by having effective pain relief techniques available to them whenever they need it.

The 30 Day Challenge

For those of you that may be on the verge of giving up, please try my program for 30 days. I understand the frustration and heartache of searching for effective pain relief. Have an open mind, be non-judgmental and simply follow the recommendations. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The only thing you have to lose… is the pain.  

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