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Carolann Cliche Author, Therapist

Author ~Therapist  Carolann Cliche 

I understand your pain. I am a pain patient ! 

“God said to me, I am going to show you pain… and then you are going to help other people in pain because you understand it”- Lady Gaga

I kept  this quote on my bedside table where I could see it every day. I knew one day that this pain, this thing I ferociously battled and then befriended would lead me down a path of helping other people in pain… become pain free. It inspired me to develop The 4R’s Healing System, modern techniques used in “Neuro-plastic Healing” that have the power to change your pain and your life. ~ Author Therapist Carolann Cliche

The 4R’s Healing System: Release~Reframe~Retrain~Restore

Therapist Carolann Cliche developed a new healing system called The 4R’s Healing System.  It incorporates powerful NLP Neurolinguistics with the new discovery in neuroscience by Dr Norman Doidge, MD. His research in the brain’s neuroplasticity proves our brain is flexible, everchanging and can easily “unlearn” patterns (habits or behaviors). By utilizing specific  “Neuro-plastic Healing” mental exercises,  the brain can “unlearn” habits that previously felt “stuck” and unable to change in the past. 

My 4R’s Healing System in “Neuro-plastic Healing” positively effects  wellness, the ability to heal both mentally and physically, and the ability to successfully make positive life changes that failed in the past. 

Complimentary~Alternative Medicine Practitioner

I hold a diploma in CAM- Complimentary ~ Alternative Medicine as a Pain Management Practitioner with additional training Certificates in NLP Neurolinguistics and as a Master Hypnotherapist since 1998.  I am  a member of IACT The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

I have successfully helped hundreds of private clients since first becoming a Holistic NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist in 1998 to utilize opiate-free pain management techniques along with my other wellness programs: Successfully Stop Smoking, The Mind-Body Weight Loss System, There’s Life Beyond Pain, Freedom From Anxiety, Peaceful Sleep and my Pre-surgery Relaxation & Rapid Healing program.  

NOTE: All of the above wellness programs and the Ebook Pain Relief Programs are now available via ZOOM Live Meeting for online private therapy sessions with therapist Carolann Cliche.

Private ONLINE Therapy Sessions With Me ~ via ZOOM!

The phenomenal new technology of ZOOM Live Meetings gives you access to a private therapy session with me!  Prior to the Covid-19 virus, clients would visit a physical office in order to see a therapist, now you can enjoy these customized wellness programs in the privacy and comfort of your own home online via Zoom!  If you are unfamiliar with ZOOM Live Meeting, it is easy to set up on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. (I will help you set it up) 

It is safe, effective and makes my specialized Pain Management and Wellness Programs with the 4R’s Healing System very affordable! 

Affordable Wellness

Since converting to ZOOM Live Meeting, I passed on the  financial savings of not having a physical office space  to my ZOOM clients. I have reduced my therapy program fees to make the wellness programs very affordable to anyone in the USA with a ZOOM account.  Many therapists have kept their same higher fees even though they no longer have the overhead costs of  a physical office space. I have reduced my fees substantially to make wellness affordable during these stressful times.  

Modern Pain Management Therapy Programs

I am a pain patient with CRPS  (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome formerly known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy)  so I have a unique understanding of what life is like with  persistent pain, better than most author-therapists.  Pain has helped me find a new life purpose in helping others. I love helping people in pain take back control of their lives from the grip of pain and empower them  with powerful pain relief techniques.    I have written eBooks addressing specific pain syndromes like CRPS/RSD, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Shingles, Back/neck Spine Pain, and Raynaud’s Disease.

NOTE: All of these eBook programs can now be converted to an online ZOOM Live Meeting therapy program with me that includes a customized NLP therapy session to fit your needs! 

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