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Mind-Body Weight Loss System

The Mind Body Weight Loss System  ~ Coaching Program via Zoom Online

“The last weight loss system you will ever need!”  
Discover the new brain Neuroscience of  NLP Neuroplasticity  for “unlearning” habits to help you lose weight! My 4R’s System of Release old habits, Reframing how you think of food to reduce stress eating, Retraining the brain to choose healthy foods and stick to the diet plan, and to Restore a thin healthy body!  Learn NLP   

Email me for your FREE CONSULTATION and to book an online appointment today!  

The Coaching program includes:

  • 2- 30 min NLP therapy sessions customized to your needs. You can record on your mobile phone for home use!
  • The 21 Day Plan for weight loss
  • The 7 day detox fat-burner to jumpstart your weight loss
  • A holistic diet food plan
  • 1 Recordable NLP Meditation Therapy Script

The Food Plan: The Mind-Body Weight Loss system has a proven holistic diet food plan that reduces bloat, inflammation, balances blood sugars, improves digestion. It works naturally with the body to lose weight. It is easy to follow and do!

NLP Weight Loss Therapy Session via ZOOM: The program includes 2-  30-minute NLP therapy session via ZOOM that is customized to your specific weight goals (which you can record).  The 2nd appointment is coaching session to help you stay on track for steady permanent weight loss and includes a NLP session for permanent change!

The therapy is designed to reinforce steady, permanent weight loss.  The NLP therapy changes how you think about food, your eating habits and body image. It releases old habits so you automatically choose healthy foods, you stick to the diet plan until you reach your weight goals, ends food cravings, you eat smaller portions and it promotes a healthy body image.

This is  the last weight loss program you will ever need! It is a proven program of weight loss that I have used with private clients since 1998! 

mind-body weight loss system
The Mind-Body Weight Loss System- Coaching Program
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