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Successfully Stop Smoking

SUCCESSFULLY STOP SMOKING  Online Therapy Sessions via ZOOM!  

Successfully Stop Smoking via Zoom online with my 4R’s System and  NLP Neurolinguistics Therapy!   It changes the way you think about smoking!  It releases habits of when and where you smoke, most importantly, it releases the root cause of the habit from when you first started smoking even if you were a teenager. Most quit with little to no withdrawal symptoms or urge to smoke using  the revolutionary NLP neuroscience 4R’s System.  Email for a free consultation and to book an online appointment! 

The Most Effective Way To Permanently Quit! 

Program Includes:

  • Free  30 minute consultation to customize the NLP session to your habits.
  • 1-30 minute NLP therapy session you can record on your phone for home use
  • NLP Workbook
  • 1-Recordable Meditation Script you record on your phone to reinforce  “I am a non-smoker” for permanent change.

I have helped hundreds of smokers quit since 1998!  I taught the American Cancer Society’s Smoking Cessation program for years in corporate employee wellness programs. This is a proven method of quitting!

I combine my expertise as a Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for this new revolutionary program using Neuroscience discoveries of how our brain “unlearns” habits and behaviors.  The 4R’s System reverses the 4 steps that formed the habit of smoking! Most people quit first session, with no withdrawal symptoms and no urge to smoke!

Email me for FREE CONSULTATION & to book and appointment Today! 

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Successfully Stop Smoking
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