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Successfully Stop Smoking

SUCCESSFULLY STOP SMOKING  Online Therapy Sessions via ZOOM! 
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Successfully Stop Smoking via Zoom in the comfort of your living room!

Retrain your brain to break the smoking habit!  My  4R’s  “Neuro-plastic Healing” System  (Release Reframe Retrain Restore) is  so easy to learn and to do!  You will learn NLP Neurolinguistics Techniques that you can use in the future to make any positive life change.

We will go over the workbook together. in our Zoom meeting.  I will  teach you the techniques in the book. You simply read through the workbook (45 page PDF download)  take the time to practice each NLP technique to retrain the neuropathways of the brain to being a non-smoker. Listen to the 30 minute recordable meditation script everyday, simply fall to sleep with it at bedtime  and let it infuse your mind and body with the powerful NLP  images to become a permanent non-smoker. This helps to reinforce all the new changes.

Most Quit 1st Session With NO WITHDRAWALS! 

The 30 minute ZOOM session that I do with you online jumpstarts this process and most people quit right after that session with no withdrawal symptoms or urge to smoke.  Do not use nicotine patches or gum when using this program. You should not need anything else to help you quit if you follow the instructions completely in this program. 

Releasing The Root Cause Of Why You Smoke

The 4R’s System helps you quit by releasing the root cause of why you ever started to smoke! It does not matter if you smoked all of your life and most people started as teenagers, if you have tried different methods and failed, or even if you are hesitant in believing this program will work for you, if you follow this program you can quit! 

Why You Failed In The Past

Oftentimes, clients will  say to me “I have no willpower. Can I  quit”?   The answer is yes, because the reasons why you have failed in the past has  nothing to do with willpower! 

Unlike other smoking cessation systems this one is not based upon willpower. Its based on scientific techniques to release the steps your brain made when developing the habit of smoking. We are releasing and re-programming the old “out-dated” information  stored in the brain regarding why you smoke. This was “programmed” in your mind when you first started to smoke years ago and your brain is still working off from that old outdated programming.

Your Brain Is Like A Master Computer

Your brain functions like a master computer. Much like how a computer runs off  from data programmed in its memory,  you have been running off from old information  regarding smoking cigarettes stored in  your memory. When you update software the computer performs new functions.  Retraining or rewiring the brain to be a non-smoker is very much like pushing a “delete key” on old software  and installing new software!

Changing Your Perspectives Changes Your Behaviors! 

When you change how you “see” or think about something, your behaviors automatically coincide with the new thought processes. NLP Neurolinguistics Reframing Techniques are very powerful in changing how you perceive something… thus changing how you experience it. This is the reason why most people quit without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Its literally mind over matter. 

You have probably heard the buzz words ” rewire or retrain the brain”  lately in healing therapies and to make personal habit change. The 4 R’s System uses the techniques found in  Dr Norman Doidge MD’s work in modern Neuroscience  on how the brain can “unlearn” behavior patterns or habits… including smoking when the right techniques are applied. 

These techniques  are a scientifically proven approach using NLP Neurolinguistics Therapy. We simply reverse the steps the brain took to form the habit. Its actually easier to do than what it sounds.     

Retraining The Brain to Quit Smoking!

When you apply the NLP Reframing Techniques it changes the way you think about cigarettes and smoking!  It releases habits of when and where you smoke, most importantly, it releases the root cause of the habit from when you first started smoking… even if you were a teenager!

Most people quit with little to no withdrawal symptoms or urge to smoke using  the revolutionary NLP neuroscience 4R’s System. 

What About Weight Gain

No worries about weight gain! I use NLP Techniques to help you maintain a healthy weight, you might even lose weight if  that is what you want to do.  

Retraining The Brain Is The Most Effective Method To Permanently Quit Smoking!  

Ready To Quit? Click here to   Email Me to set up a free consultation and Zoom Appointment.

With Zoom online sessions:

  • ACCESS: You get access to a leading NLP Practitioner with experience in helping people quit smoking since 1998!
  • NO HASSLES:  Distance does not prevent you from getting this service. No distance or travel hassles
  • SAFE: You stay  in the privacy and comfort of your  home and stay covid safe.
  • EFFECTIVE: Zoom sessions are just as effective as in-office sessions actually people relax more in the comfort of their own home and do better!
  • AFFORDABLE: Zoom sessions are very affordable. When I gave up my physical office and switched to online therapy sessions,  unlike some therapists, I passed the savings onto clients. I reduced my fees substantially making these sessions very affordable!
  • EASY: Zoom is easy to learn and set up takes a few minutes. Once you use it, you’ll probably want to use it all the time to talk with friends and loved ones living afar.

Unfamiliar with ZOOM? Free tutorials  with easy instructions.  Learn More

Retraining The Brain Is The Most Effective Way To Permanently Quit! 

Program Includes:

  • Free  consultation to learn more about the program and to customize the NLP session to your habits.
  • 1 hour discussing the workbook, you will learn NLP techniques that will help you be a non-smoker and remain smoke free
  • 1-30 minute NLP stop smoking therapy session you can record on your phone for home use
  • 1-Recordable Meditation Script you record on your phone to reinforce  “I am a non-smoker” for permanent change.

I have helped hundreds of smokers quit since 1998!  I taught the American Cancer Society’s Smoking Cessation program for years in corporate employee wellness programs. This is a proven method of quitting!

I combine my expertise as a Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for this new revolutionary program using Neuroscience discoveries of how our brain “unlearns” habits and behaviors. You can quit!  

Unsure about how this works?   Got questions? 

Email me for FREE CONSULTATION !  Simply put “Free Consultation to Stop Smoking” in the email! 

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Successfully Stop Smoking
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