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ZOOM Therapy Sessions! 

For each eBook Therapy Program title, You can now have access to an online “Live” therapy session via ZOOM  with Practitioner Carolann Cliche!   I will customize each therapy session specifically for you, your pain symptoms and syndrome!  

The Reframing Pain  therapy program eBooks are unique, unlike other generic pain relief programs, the eBooks address the specific pain and symptoms of each distinct condition like; Fibromyalgia, CRPS-RSD, Lyme Disease, Shingles, Raynaud’s, Back/neck pain, and other chronic pain conditions.  The therapy program eBook address the specific characteristics and symptoms of each pain syndrome unlike other generic pain relief programs. If you have Fibromyalgia, listening to a therapy script for general pain will do very little to help relieve your pain and the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. These therapy program eBooks are specific to each pain condition.

You will not find another pain relief therapy program eBook that goes into the specific details of each disease the way my program does.

Start Your Pain Relief Immediately

These eBooks are a step-by-step guide that you can start immediately to take back control of your life from the grip of pain. They come in an Ebook PDF format with 2 different Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts with NLP Neurolinguistics pain anesthesia, and natural relaxation therapies to control stress.

The eBooks have 10 powerful NLP techniques  you can use without listening to the script for pain anesthesia whenever you need pain relief. 

The Benefits of Recordable Scripts vs MP3 Audio Downloads

Recorded scripts, using your own voice is the key to highly effective therapy scripts! Your own voice is 10x more effective than listening to a purchased pre-recorded MP3 download! Your subconscious mind knows your own voice! It responds to your voice immediately, without hesitation, it accepts the  suggestions as truth, as real because it recognizes your voice! It acts on the instructions without questioning it. Your own voice is much more effective, and it results in quicker, more successful outcomes than when you listen to someone else’s voice on an MP3 audio download.

About The Scripts

All the programs have the main reframing script called The NLP Pain Release Script– it is a relaxing Medical Guided Imagery that incorporates the powerful techniques of NLP- Neurolinguistics Programing to “reframe” in the subconscious mind how you perceive pain (any symptoms).  NOTE: Most of the scripts when recorded, depending upon how fast you read them, will be approximately 25 minutes long.

  • The main script uses the imagery of a relaxing beach to create an inner healing sanctuary that intertwines powerful mind-body suggestions to reframe and release the root cause of pain and symptoms.
  • It teaches you 3 natural relaxation therapies: progressive relaxation, breathing and Imagery for managing stress and better sleep.
  • The script uses 3 different NLP techniques for pain relief; Role Modeling, Sub-modalities and Anchors.
  • It teaches you through practice exercises; 10 powerful NLP mental tricks you can use without the script for pain “anesthesia” whenever you need pain relief so you can customize your D-I-Y pain relief program.
  • It uses positive affirmations and  NLP command suggestions that help you manage stress and calm the Sympathetic Nervous System or fight or flight mechanism.
  • It uses the NLP dashboard technique to boost overall wellness, sleep better and reduce fatigue and  depression.
  • The second script varies depending upon the pain syndrome. Please see the individual program description below  regarding the second script.

How To Record The Scripts

Download the Ebook with the recordable script and save it to your document file. Print out the entire Ebook. You will want to read the entire Ebook before listening to the therapy script to understand how this therapeutic program can help you become pain free.
1) First- read the recordable script out loud so you are comfortable with the wording and pauses (practice it)
2) Set up your recording device (if using your phone turn the ringer to quiet mode)
3) Do a test for voice/volume is audible. You can use an instrumental as you read the script into the recorder for background music.  
4) Make sure the recording room is quiet with no outside noises or distractions
5) Read the script into the recording device, slowly, use the pauses
6) When finished, save it, give it a title

How To Use The Scripts

  • The scripts are meant to be read into a voice recorder like the one on your mobile Phone so that you can have the convenience of using the recordings.
  • The recordings are meant to be used in a relaxed, quiet setting where you can relax and daydream using the therapeutic images, symbols and visualizations.

Please Do Not Use The Scripts While Driving The Car! 

  • Listening to the recordings using headphones on a regular daily basis will bring the results you desire.
  • Practice the NLP script techniques. The more you use these techniques the more effective and immediate the results will be.
  • The best time to listen to the recording is at bedtime, where you simply drift off into peaceful sleep while listening to the recording. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during the recording, it is more beneficial, your subconscious mind is most dominant during sleep.

About The Therapy Program eBooks

Ebook Download Format:   PDF File (Internationally compatible with any Ereader device, tablet or phone) Most ebooks are approximately 50 Pages and includes 2 or more scripts.

Download Instructions: Download onto your device ( phone, tablet, laptop or Ereader). Save to the file you desire. Print out the entire Ebook.

This is a sample of the Table of Contents:

  • Dedication
  • Preface by Carolann Cliche
  • Reframing, NLP-Neurolinguistics & Medical Guided Imagery
  • NLP & Medical Guided Imagery for Pain Relief
  • Real Solutions for Chronic Pain
  • Finding your own way: Coping & Managing Pain
  • Do-It-Yourself Pain Relief
  • About Carolann Cliche: I Am a Pain Patient
  • About the Co-conditions Associated with Pain Syndromes
  • NLP Techniques: Practice Exercises
    10 Mental Tricks to Reduce Pain
  • Why Recordable Scripts Are More Effective Than Audio MP3’s
  • 6 Easy steps: How to Record the Scripts,
  • Recording Tips
  • How to Use for The Most Benefit
  • Medical Disclaimer, Warnings, Important Notes
  • The 2 Recordable Script (s)

NOTE: To learn more about each individual  program eBook see the full product description  by clicking on BUY 


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Therapy eBook: Reframing Pain for Fibromyalgia
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