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The 4 R's Healing System

The 4 R’s Healing System is a Neuroscience breakthrough self-treatment program for opiate-free pain relief and a variety of Wellness Programs to:  Successfully Stop Smoking, The Mind-Body Weight Loss System, Freedom From Anxiety and There’s Life Beyond Pain. All programs use modern NLP Neuroscience for powerful pain relief and personal change. Learn More

ZOOM “Live” Therapy In Privacy & Comfort of Your Home !   
You can now choose the eBook for selfcare or an affordable “live” therapy session with me via ZOOM!  All ZOOM therapy sessions are personalized to help you achieve your wellness goals. 

It’s time to take your life back, live happily, be well. 

Opiate-Free Pain Relief

The Pain Relief Programs are unique, they are written to relieve the pain symptoms found in specific conditions like; Fibromyalgia, CRPS, Lyme, Shingles and Raynaud’s.  Learn More 

Your ZOOM Session Includes:  a free consultation & 30 minute coaching session using PDF 50pg download workbook, 1- 30 minute NLP therapy session customized to your needs which you record. BONUS-  2nd Recordable Meditation Therapy Script. 

Simply follow the workbook strategies (NLP pain relief techniques, diet, stress control, pacing) and listen to the therapy recording(s), let the soothing messages fill your mind, body and soul with healing messages.

"To change the printout of your body... you must learn to rewrite the software of your mind" ~ Deepak Chopra

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Neuroscience Meets The Mind-Body

Healing is an “unlearning” of Patterns   
Neuroscientist, Dr Norman Doidge, MD. has proven that when you reverse or “unlearn” the 4 steps the brain uses to create a behavioral pattern (habit) you can positively effect change both in the mind and the body.  This is where modern Neuroscience meets the mind-body connection. 

The 4R’s Healing System is based on Dr Doidge’s philosophy  of “Neuro-plastic Healing”. This unique healing system of 4 NLP Neurolinguistics Techniques reverses the stages the brain uses to form behavior patterns including pain patterns! 

All Programs are designed to be empowering, uplifting and  to build self-confidence in your ability to achieve your wellness goals.  Contact Me Today For Your FREE CONSULTATION! 

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